The Paperbark Co. specialises in growing, steam distilling and marketing Australian essential oils, in particular Western Australian oils.  

Located in a belt of wetlands near Harvey, Western Australia, The Paperbark Co. property has many beautiful indigenous Melaleuca trees, which have a distinct white papery bark – it is from these trees that The Paperbark Co. derives its name.  The company is a family owned and operated business and has been established since 1997.

The Paperbark Co. is distinguished by three unique Western Australian essential oils – Fragonia® Oil, Honey Myrtle Oil, and a High Grade Australian Sandalwood Oil - and is currently the only producer of these oils. The Paperbark Co. also produces a Standard Grade (ISO standard) Australian Sandalwood Oil, Rosalina Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

Although not claiming organic status, The Paperbark Co. adopts sustainable farming practices, with minimal and careful use of herbicides and fertilisers that are mostly approved for organic certification.  Gentle, saturated steam distillation is used to produce 100% pure, premium grade essential oils.  Various hydrosols are also obtained from the distillation process.